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Vikings Season 6

Vikings season 6: Cast, launch day, spoilers as well as everything you want to know

Even just before the 5th season had premiered, Vikings season 6 has been confirmed by the show’s makers but when will the new series be launched?

The very early revival of the historical drama came with the interesting news that one of the upcoming episodes would certainly be guided by one of the show’s stars Katheryn Winnick, a.k.a. Queen Lagertha, marking her directorial debut.


Ahead of the second part of season five, below’s every little thing you need to find out about season 6 of Vikings.

Vikings season 6 release day: When is season 5 returning?

The 2nd half of season 5 will premiere on November 28, 2018 on History in the United States as well as, similar to the first part, UK fans can anticipate to see the new episodes on Amazon Prime Video the day after their US airing. So the midseason premiere will arrive on November 29.

Apropos when we can count on season six to show up, that’s not as clear. While seasons 2, 3 and also four premiered in February 2014, 2015 and 2016, respectively, season five moved back to November 2017 and fans have actually had to wait almost a year for the second half.

So, maybe that the 1st half of season six will not broadcast till November 2019, however, there’s been no official verification yet.

Vikings season 6 cast: Who’s coming back?

It’s difficult to say surely given the show’s status as one of the most violent on TV, so we could need to wait up until completion of season five to make sure who has stayed alive. (Vikings showrunner Michael Hirst has actually informed Radio Times that there’s heading to be “significant deaths in season 5 B”.).

Supporters are worried that Katheryn Winnick will be leaving her job as Queen Lagertha considered that she’s a) pursuing the camera, and also b) has actually signed up to new Netflix series Wu Assassins, but that’s not a guarantee that she can not continue on Vikings.

Could Lagertha die by Ivar the Boneless, having killed Ivar’s mother? Winnick contends least verified that she’ll be back for the very early part of the season, supplying fans with a first look at her character in season six.

” Terrible things happen to Lagertha, which is usual,” said Hirst. “But she stays alive, she constantly survives.”.

Her nemesis Ivar isn’t going anywhere either, however, with actor Alex Hoeg Handersen having actually been photographed on set for the new episodes.

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