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Vikings: Valhalla – Everything to Know about Netflix’s Vikings Spin-Off

After 6 seasons of power plays, betrayals, romances, and also threatening prophecies, Vikings is bailing out on History. Even so, the saga will certainly continue in a Netflix spin-off series, Vikings: Valhalla. Netflix revealed the information in November 2019, just before Vikings‘ final season started.

Knowing that a follow up series is on the way definitely makes saying goodbye to the Lothbrok household a lot simpler– although Vikings: Valhalla will certainly be really various from the original show. Unlike several spin-offs, which adhere to characters from the flagship right into a brand-new stage of their lives, Vikings: Valhalla will certainly adhere to the lives of all new characters to the Vikings world.

To figure out what else to expect of Vikings: Valhalla, take a look at everything we know until now below.

It’s set 100 years after the conclusion of Vikings. We’ve currently covered a couple of decades in Vikings’ six seasons, yet fans are mosting likely to experience a substantial dive ahead in time when Valhalla picks up 100 years after the events of the original series. Given the timing as well as several of the characters entailed, it’s likely that Valhalla will certainly detail the tail-end of the Vikings age,– which is likewise suitable given the show is called after the mystical hall Viking warriors strongly believed they would certainly go to after their deaths.

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It will not be written by Michael Hirst. Although Vikings was written totally by creator Michael Hirst, he won’t be as hands-on with Valhalla. Instead, the tv show will certainly be written and executive produced by Jeb Stuart (Die Hard, The Fugitive). Hirst is going to be entailed with Valhalla, yet clarified to TV Guide in November 2019 that he won’t “write entire episodes.”

It will include several of the most renowned Vikings. The series will adhere to the journeys of noteworthy Vikings Leif Erikson, the initial European to travel to NA (excluding Greenland); Freydis, Leif’s sister who exactly was a fearless and also ambitious warrior (and not one to be confused with Ivar’s wife Freydis in Vikings); and Harald Harada, a King of Norway who unsuccessfully tried to claim the Danish as well as English thrones.

Vikings fans have most likely met Leif as well as Freydis’ ancestor already. The real Leif and Freydis were the kids of Erik the Red (Eric Johnson), who was presented as a character in Vikings’ sixth season. Given that Valhalla takes place 100 years after Vikings, though, there’s no way that Leif and Freydis can be Erik’s children, but we still think they will likely be descendants of his.

It will include some of Rollo’s descendants. Rollo (Clive Standen) hasn’t been a mainstay of Vikings since Season 4, however one of his descendants, William the Conqueror, will be a central figure in the new series. Historically, William the Conqueror became the first Norman King of England when he took the throne after King Edward the Confessor’s death. Likewise called William the Bastard, William’s illegitimate status meant that his mission for power was plagued with issues from a very young age. However he established his authority, quashed the rebellions that threatened him, and also eventually built an army that successfully invaded England, securing the throne for himself after defeating Harold Godwinson in Fight of Hastings.


It will maintain a lot of the elements of the original series. When talking with TV Guide in November 2019, Vikings’ Michael Hirst mentioned he really wanted Valhalla to have “the same values as well as virtues” that the initial series had.” [Vikings] does have poetry and it does have spiritual and it does have females characters who are equally as great as male characters. And also I know that Jeb means that to continue,” Hirst said.

We’re getting a lots of episodes. Although Netflix seasons generally aren’t more than 13 episodes, the streamer ordered 24 episodes of Vikings: Valhalla out of the gate. The most current seasons of Vikings included 20-episode seasons airing in 2 10-episode halves. There’s a possibility that Netflix will break form to follow this pattern, providing one season split up into 2 12-episode halves (it’s already done it with other shows). There’s also still a chance it will choose to package the 24 episodes into 2 separate seasons as well. We just can not imagine Netflix dropping 24 episodes of a season all at once.

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It likely won’t premiere up until 2021. It’s reported that Vikings: Valhalla will begin production in 2020, with an assumed premiere date of sometime in 2021.

Previous seasons of Vikings are available to stream on Amazon.

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