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Father Grants His Boy’s Birthday Wish By Having Jason From ‘Friday The 13th’ Pick Him Up From School

This is the moment a father granted his boy’s birthday wish – to be picked up from school by Jason from Friday the 13th.

Sam Murphy wished to surprise his boy Carter, who has ADHD, with a special treat for his big day.
He asked Carter what he wanted and was told his one want was to meet the legendary bad guy and serial slasher Jason Voorhees.

In spite of warning his son that it would be tough to manage, Carter found ‘Jason’ waiting for him outside the school gates and the pair walked home hand in hand.

Sam, 45, of Plymouth, Devon, England said:

” I spoke to the school about it and they said they didn’t want Jason waiting at the school gates so he needed to be round the corner.”
” It was quite a nice experience, he was strolling down the street holding hands with Jason. He has problems with touching, he won’t hold my hand.”

Sam Murphy /SWNS.COM

The horror film icon was played by nearby makeup and special effects expert Tony Gartland who took on the job to make himself look much like the ‘real’ Jason Voorhees.

The scene played out on Carter’s birthday on January 30 and was recorded by Sam.

Sam included:

” Carter hasn’t stopped talking about it, Jason provided him a tee shirt and he hasn’t taken it off since. I can’t get it in the wash.”
” Jason entered into the house with his shoes on and Carter said, ‘dad, Jason left his shoes on’ and I responded, ‘well, I’m not telling him to take them off.'”.

” They went to his bedroom and Carter was revealing all his preferred toys, he showed him everything. Carter then brought Jason downstairs and then he had to go, and I said we ‘d drop him off in the town hall so he could go on a killing spree.”.
” Carter was so ecstatic, he hasn’t stopped discussing it since. Tony didn’t break character once, he was great.”.

Tony, who lives in Saltash, Cornwall, owns an unique effects and T-shirt printing service and has lots of experience with costume makeup, masks, and costumes.

Sam Murphy /SWNS.COM

He stated he’s constantly been a horror fan and has even attended horror conventions as Jason Voorhees.

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