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Netflix Horror Series: The Most Haunted Places in America

Netflix Horror Series coming soon! Why these docuseries will be SUPER CREEPY?

Netflix has actually secured the streaming legal rights to a horror series from Imagine Entertainment. It is a docuseries– in case you failed to get that, it’s a Documented Series— about the most popular, REAL haunted places within America.

Have you ever been in a place and thought, “It’s straight-up creepy in here! I can feel the oogieness coming from the place!” It’s possible it was actually haunted, and that is the exact type of thing this tv show will be about.

When they will start broadcasting?

Unfortunately, that is all we discover about this particular project. We find out it’s untitled, we know that it’s regarding haunted locations, we know that it is definitely backed by Imagine Entertainment– a firm created by Ron Howard and also Brian Grazer– and we know it will be on Netflix.

Netfilx Series
I can ensure you that it will definitely be Creepy AF-but, I’m a bit of a chicken heart whenever it comes to all of the things possessed.

I DID sleep at a haunted hotel in Hot Springs, Arkansas once. And, by SLEEP, I mean I stayed up by having my blanket around my head all of the night long, listening closely to the banging and rattling that I SWEAR TO GOD were ghosts.

It was the Arlington Hotel in Hot Springs, Arkansas. It is actually the hotel that Al Capone and his henchmen– is this the correct word– frequented. I might pretty much GUARANTEE you– this particular hotel will be on the upcoming Netflix horror series! It really was ridiculously haunted.

Will ANYONE be fearless enough to watch the tv show? Perhaps you will be really brave enough to visit some of the places mentioned on the tv show. Have along with that. Send me a postcard, because I WILL DEFINITELY NOT be there.

Arlington Hotel

Few more Netflix Horror Series

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Netflix additionally has a ton of good SCARY AF shows! Try out watching the series TYPEWRITER. They say it isn’t for the faint of heart.
Check out the movie, The Silence, on Netflix. It is considered to be creepy like Bird Box– another Netflix horror series that are one-of-a-kind!

What’s your favorite Netflix horror movie?

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