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Creative director would like God of War adapted as The Witcher-style TV series

The Witcher is out on Netflix. The Witcher is a hit on Netflix. The Witcher is obtaining a second season on Netflix, as well as perhaps many more after that. There are a bunch of shows out there completing today for the title of “the next Game of Thrones,” and also this one, at the very least, is off to a good beginning.

The Witcher is a little unique because, while it’s adapted from a series of books by legendarily grumpy writer Andrzej Sapkowski, a lot of individuals first found out about it thanks to The Witcher video games from CD Projekt Red, and you can most definitely see the influence of the games on the tv show. Henry Cavill, particularly, is plainly taking a lot of cues from the game variation of Geralt of Rivia.

This has some industry types believing: could other video game series be adapted as TV shows, as well as get in on this current fantasy/sci-fi boom? Cory Barlog, who worked as creative director on 2018’s outstanding God of War video game, is really clear concerning what he wants to see on the tv:

A God of War Netflix show?

I can see it. Although the series has always had a respectable story, one of the most current game appears like it make the dive to a different medium specifically conveniently.

The God of War series adheres to Kratos, a Greek demigod that, in the primary few video games, slaughters the gods of ancient Greece, from Poseidon to Hades to Zeus. I mean, he simply wrecks them, in stunningly violent style. Truthfully, it’s grievous, X-rated stuff:

And that can possibly make an excellent show, yet the team at SIE Santa Monica Studio truly upped their game with 2018’s God of War, which locates an older, smarter, somewhat less maniacally terrible Kratos living with his young boy in Scandinavia, as well as taking care of a whole new pantheon of ancient gods. It’s quieter, slower, much more dialogue-driven, and simply a better suitable for longform storytelling.

Or for a movie; given just how fairly little sprawl God of War has– at least when compared to something like The Witcher books– a film or series of films could be the best way to go, however I can see it working as a TV series, also.

But whether God of War is adapted as a movie or a TV show, it would certainly have to get out of Sony first. As Forbes points out, Sony does have a TV and also movie production arm– PlayStation Productions— but until now, they’re doing a kind of crummy work of actually obtaining anything done. There’s been a Last of Us film in development forever, as well as the Uncharted movie has gone through 6 directors, although with Tom Holland cast as a young Nathan Drake it looks like that is finally coming together. Where God of War is concerned, I agree with Forbes that, if Sony would certainly be better off handing the rights to Netflix and let them handle finding a showrunner that can do on a solid vision.

I assume we probably will see more video game series adapted for TV in the future. Showtime is presently at work on a Halo tv series, and also for those pining for early God of War-style ultraviolence, Warner Bros. just released a trailer for its brand-new, R-rated Mortal Kombat film:

I mean, it’s not a glossy Netflix series, yet it’s something.

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