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Guardians Of The Galaxy Heroes Will Appear In Thor: Love And Thunder

The Guardians of the Galaxy heroes will include in Thor: Love and Thunder, star Vin Diesel has actually revealed.

The voice of Groot was speaking to promote his fresh flick Bloodshot when he let slip the news.

” I am waiting and delighted for my friend James Gunn [director of the Guardians films] to knock this next one out of the park,” he said, as reported by

” He took The Suicide Squad so he will start it.

” Thor will also, the director spoke with me about Thor will integrate some of the Guardians of the Galaxy.”

Then apparently aware he might have said excessive, he included: “That’ll be extremely interesting, no one knows, maybe I should not have stated anything.”

Fans may currently thought this would hold true, following the conclusion to last year’s Avengers: Endgame (no spoilers, but come on, it’s practically been a year since it came out). Nevertheless, this is the very first time we’ve had reliable confirmation that their adventures together are set to continue.

In the meantime, plot information are strictly under wraps so it’s anyone’s guess how huge – or small – a role the characters will get in the 4th Thor film, or how writer and director Taika Waititi will fit them into the story.

As Marvel gets ready for Stage 4 – with the last Black Widow trailer dropping few days ago – Marvel lovers have actually been excitedly awaiting news about the third Guardians movie.

The movie hit a setback when director Gunn was dropped from the job, before Disney did a U-turn and got him back on board for the third flick.

Gunn likewise recently hinted at a film centre on Drax and Mantis.

Actor Dave Bautista recently exposed that Gunn had talked about a plan for a Drax and Mantis standalone film, telling Collider: “James Gunn had the plan to do a Drax-Mantis movie. That’s what I ‘d be up for due to the fact that there’s simply too much fun there. Well, he wanted to do it, he had an idea for it.

” It’s just Marvel has their slot for the next fix years and they know how their story is going to go. It’s difficult for them to have an idea for a movie and say ‘yeah we wish to fit that into here’. It simply didn’t suit their schedule.”

In answer to the interview, Gunn required to Twitter to say: “True. But this was never ruled out. I still believe it could be fantastic.”

Thor: Love and Thunder hits cinemas on 5 November 2021.

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